News Archive 2019-20

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28 Aug 2020 Appointment of HKSPA Advisory Board, 2020-2021 News
6 Aug 2020 Announcement of Official Results of the Annual Election 2020 News
31 Jul 2020 Candidate Notice and Extra Nomination Period of the Annual Election 2020 News
26 Jul 2020 Extension of Nomination Period of the Annual Election 2020 News
21 Jul 2020 Reinstatement of COVID-19 Scrabble tournament policies News
18 Jul 2020 Recruitment of Executive Committee, Student Committee and Advisory Board members for Session 2020-21 News
16 Jul 2020 Nomination period for Annual Election 2020 to be opened News
5 Jul 2020 Updates on face-to-face Scrabble tournaments policies News, Events
31 May 2020 Events and Membership updates amidst outbreak of COVID-19 News
1 May 2020 Relief Grant under the Anti-epidemic Fund for School Instructors teaching interest class News
24 Mar 2020 Tournament updates amidst outbreak of coronavirus from Wuhan, China: National and Challenge News
8 Feb 2020 Discouraging the organisation of face-to-face Scrabble tournaments and special policies in light of outbreak of coronavirus from Wuhan, China News
7 Feb 2020 Revising the “Policy of No-show in Tournaments” News
1 Feb 2020 Postponement of the Inter-School Scrabble Championship 2020
News, Events
25 Jan 2020 Cancellation of the 5th Joint-School Scrabble Tournament for Novices (2019-2020) News, Events
11 Dec 2019 Adoption of WESPA Rules Version 4 News
5 Dec 2019 Hong Kong student Brian Po ranked 8th out of 190 players in the World Youth Championship of Scrabble in Kuala Lumpur News, International tournaments
27 Nov 2019 Hong Kong Youth Scrabble Team to compete in the WESPA Youth Cup 2019 in Malaysia News, International tournaments
5 Oct 2019 Statement of the Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association (“HKSPA”) on Prohibition of Face Covering News
28 Sep 2019 Hong Kong Representative for the WESPA Championship 2019 News, International tournaments
5 Sep 2019 Formation of HKSPA Main Committee 2019/20 News