Reinstatement of COVID-19 Scrabble tournament policies

In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association is going to reinstate the previous COVID-19 prevention policies with immediate effect. The policies are:

  • all players under the age of 18 (as on the date of the tournament) must obtain written consent from at least one of his or her parents to participate in the tournament. Players may use the form prescribed by the Association, but a hand-written signed hard copy is also acceptable. The original form must be submitted to the Tournament Director before the start of the tournament for inspection. The Tournament Director may refuse the participation of an under-18 player who failed to hand in the written consent;
  • The Association discourage the organisation of any face-to-face Scrabble tournaments. However, the Association will continue to rate and recognise tournaments as usual.
  • All players are encouraged to inform the organiser whether they have travelled to anywhere outside Hong Kong within 30 days prior to the date of the tournament. If the organiser requires a player to so inform him, the player must do so. The Tournament Director may refuse the participation of a player who has so travelled in the relevant time period or who refuses to disclose his or her travel history.
  • Players who have symptoms of sickness should not participate in any tournaments to protect all players playing in the tournament. They should inform the organiser to withdraw from the tournament if they think they are sick.

Apart from the above policies, please note that the “Battle of Minds bilateral series - Pakistan vs Hong Kong“ is now cancelled due to insufficient interest.

We hope everyone stays safe during these difficult times.

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