Upcoming Tournaments

Please find the details of the upcoming tournaments in Hong Kong by clicking the links.

  • Upcoming Scrabble tournaments not included in the list below are not considered standard by HKSPA. Consider carefully before joining those tournaments. Fairness cannot be ensured in tournaments not following standard rules.
  • Players are expected to inform the organizer(s) in advance if they cannot attend the tournaments they enrolled. No-show in tournaments may lead to temporary suspension from enrollment.

To know more about the national association’s policy in recognising Scrabble tournaments, please feel free to mail [email protected].

For events coverage, please visit

Date Tournament Organizer Eligibility Rounds
2 Feb 2020 February Sunday Tournament HKSPA and HK Competitive Scrabble Meetup Open 7
8 Feb 2020 The 10th C.C.C. Inter-school Scrabble Tournament The English Activities Group for Students,
The Association of Principals of Secondary Schools, HKCCCC
C.C.C Secondary Schools 3
22 Feb 2020 5th Joint-School Scrabble Tournament for Novices (2019-2020) HKSPA and HKMLC Ming Tao Primary School Primary and Junior Secondary (S1-S3) novices 3
14 Mar 2020 Inter-School Scrabble Championship 2020 HKSPA Hong Kong Primary and Secondary Schools 6/5/4
21 - 22 Mar 2020 East Asian Scrabble Championship 2020 HKSPA and JASPA Qualified Players TBA

Last Update: 10 January 2020

  • Tournaments shown with a blue background are WESPA-rated and HKSPA-rated.
  • Tournaments shown with a green background are HKSPA-rated.
  • Tournaments shown with a yellow background are ratings approval pending or unrated but of particular interest.

Please mail [email protected] for details if you are interested in the tournaments without links.

Social Scrabble

There are also social Scrabble meetings in Hong Kong. Please visit The Hong Kong Social Scrabble Meetup Group for details of their meetings.