Candidate Notice and Extra Nomination Period of the Annual Election 2020

The Election Commission for the Annual Election 2020 has received the following nominations:

  1. President (1 seat)
    i. Candidate: YIP Tsz Hin
    Nominator 1: KWOK Ka Yee Elizabeth
    Nominator 2: WAI Hoi Ching
    (The nomination was received at 20:34 on 30 July 2020)

  2. Vice-President (1 seat)
    i. Candidate: WAI Hoi Ching
    Nominator 1: KWOK Wing Hong Felix
    Nominator 2: YIP Tsz Hin
    (The nomination was received at 14:37 on 30 July 2020)

As only one nomination each has been received for the posts of President and Vice-President, an extra nomination period of five (5) days will be opened by virtue of Article 9(f) of the Constitution. The extra nomination period shall start at 00:30 on 1 August 2020, GMT+8 and end at 00:30 on 6 August 2020, GMT+8.

The Election Commission does not deem it necessary to release a new set of Nomination Guidelines with Nomination Form for this extra nomination period. Please use the Nomination Form in the Nomination Guidelines sent earlier for the previous nomination period.

Please direct enquiries to

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