Statement of the Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association (“HKSPA”) on Prohibition of Face Covering

HKSPA refers to a letter (the “Letter”) from the Education Bureau to all schools in Hong Kong dated 4 October 2019, which is issued on the same day as the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation was gazetted. In the Letter, the Education Bureau stated that in principle, students should not wear masks or cover their faces in any other ways in or out of school, except for religious or health reasons, and that there is no reason for students to cover their faces when conducting normal daily activities. HKSPA disagrees with the view expressed in the Letter. It is HKSPA’s view that all students are entitled to choose to wear masks in their schools and in their daily lives. HKSPA will not enforce any ban on masks in any of its Scrabble tournaments in Hong Kong. HKSPA reiterates that all participants of our events have the right to wear masks lawfully in our events, which are all organised in strict accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association
5 October 2019





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