Hong Kong crowned East Asian Scrabble Champion 2017

The Hong Kong Scrabble Team has won the first-ever East Asian Scrabble Championship in Hiroshima, Japan by winning 32 out of 50 games. The Championship is rated by the World English-Language Scrabble® Players Association (WESPA).

Group photo before the tournament

The Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association (HKSPA) and Japan Scrabble Players Association (JASPA) joined hands in organizing the team tournament between the only two East Asian countries with competitive Scrabble players. JASPA hosted the Championship with support from the Hiroshima International University. Hong Kong and Japan each sent 5 players to the tournament and a total of 50 games were played from 1-2 April 2017. The final result is Hong Kong 32:18 Japan.

Members of the Hong Kong Scrabble Team: (from left) Douglas TSANG, Herbert MA, Brian PO, Calvin MA and TAM Pok Hin

Members of the Hong Kong Scrabble Team for the Championship includes Douglas TSANG, Brian PO (Methodist College), Calvin MA (Methodist College), Herbert MA (City University of Hong Kong) and TAM Pok Hin (CUHKFAA Chan Chun Ha College).

Below is a list of the awarded team/players:

Team Champion - Hong Kong

Individual Champion - John OZAG (Japan)

Best Student Player - Brian PO (Hong Kong)

Highest Game - Douglas TSANG (Hong Kong); 563 points

Highest Word - John OZAG (Japan); SHAFTED, 100 points

Congratulations to the Hong Kong Scrabble Team, and thanks JASPA and Hiroshima International University for bringing us this historic tournament!

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