Change in HKSPA Ratings

The HKSPA Main Committee has decided to amend the HKSPA Ratings previously calculated due to a statistical anomaly. To correct this, the 6-player Monday evening tournament on 21 September 2015 will no longer count towards the ratings.

A large disparity between student players’ ratings and adult players’ ratings existed prior to the change. The problem was not solved even having cross-level tournaments. Many top student players have an over 2000 rating while the top adult players, even shown better than the students based on competition results, only have a maximum about 1600 rating.

As the committee conducted tests based on the statistics, it was discovered that the small number of participants (6) in the first-rated tournament was the root of the problem. After calculating the ratings starting from the Hong Kong Youth Scrabble Champions Tournament 2015 on 26 September 2015, a tournament with near 90 participants, the ratings can show the level of all players more accurately.

For the above reason, the committee has decided to change the starting time of calculating ratings. Currently, 8 players have their HKSPA ratings.

Should any members have any enquiries or opinions, please feel free to send an email to

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