Membership renewal for Session 2022-23

The Association has been providing membership fee waivers for Individual Members in sessions 2020-21 and 2021-22. In addition, as the government infection control measures for COVID-19 have been slightly relaxed, the Association resumed its first major face-to-face school Scrabble tournament, Association Cup 2022, in June. We also expect that major face-to-face Scrabble events in Hong Kong will gradually resume in the upcoming session.

For session 2022-23, the Association will no longer offer a fee waiver for membership. However, the Association has decided to freeze the membership fee at its current level. For individual members in session 2021-22 who renew their membership by 31 August 2022, a 50% off membership fee discount will be offered to them.

The fee schedule for 2022-23 HKSPA membership is as follows:

Annual membership fees
HK$60 (Student Members)
HK$150 (General Members and Overseas Members)

Discounted membership fees
Applicable to HKSPA members in session 2021/22 renewing their membership on or before 31 Aug 2022
HK$30 (Student Members)
HK$75 (General Members and Overseas Members)

The membership application for session 2022-23 is now open. The membership application for session 2021-22 will close on 31 August 2022 (Note: You need to be a member of session 2021-22 to stand in the HKSPA annual election and to participate in a members-only event before 31 August 2022).

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