Hong Kong Youth Scrabble Champions Tournament 2019

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Entry Handout

Date: 21st September 2019 (Sat)

Time: 09:00 – 17:00 (Registration starts at 08:30)

Venue: School Hall, Methodist School, 12 Wylie Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon

Eligibility: Players who born on or after 1/1/2002
Side tournament open to HKSPA individual members who are not eligible for Main Tournament only (players can join HKSPA membership before the start of the tournament)

6 games
Game 1: Random Draw
Game 2 to 5: Australian Swiss Draw
Game 6: King of the Hill (KOTH)
Players from the same school can play against each other in all rounds.

For side tournament
If less than or equal to 8 participants:
7 games, round robins (If less than 8 players, KOTH after completing a round robin)

If more than 8 participants:
7 games
Game 1 and 2: Random draw
Game 3 to 6: Australian Swiss Draw, sometimes lagged
Game 7: King-of-the-Hill (KOTH)

Two divisions may be set up if there are at least 14 players participating in the side tournament. Players will be arranged into divisions by ratings and will play round robins (with KOTH if necessary).

25 minutes per player, 5 points unsubstantiated challenge penalty per word, WESPA rules version 3, Gibsonisation rules apply whenever necessary.

This tournament will be HKSPA rated.

Dictionary: Collins Scrabble Words 2019 (CSW19)


  • Champion – trophy
  • 1st Runner-up – medal
  • 2nd Runner-up – medal
  • 4th Place – medal
  • 5th Place - medal
  • 6th Place – medal
  • 7th Place - medal
  • 8th Place – medal
  • 9th Place - medal
  • 10th Place - medal
  • High Word – medal
  • High Game – medal

Individual Youth Awards

  • Best Under-16 Player (born on or after 1/1/2004) – medal
  • Best Under-14 Player (born on or after 1/1/2006) – medal
  • Best Under-12 Player (born on or after 1/1/2008) – medal

(Players may receive more than one award, e.g. the Best Under-14 Player might as well be the Best Under-16 Player)

School Awards

  • Best Performing Secondary School – trophy
  • Second Best Performing Secondary School – trophy
  • Third Best Performing Secondary School – trophy
  • Best Performing Primary School – trophy
  • Second Best Performing Primary School – trophy
  • Third Best Performing Primary School – trophy
  • Best Player from a School – medal

(Results will be collated for the top 3 finishers from each school; those with fewer than three players will not be counted and will not receive the best player from a school award)

For side tournament, the Winner (of each division, if applicable) will receive a winner certificate.

Certificates of participation will be given to all participants.

Certificate of award could be issued to prize winners on request. Players are required to pay an Administrative fee as per the Guidelines on issuance of certification letters.

Entry Fee:

Main Event Side Tournament
Players under school quota^
- 8 quota for HKSPA School Member
- 5 quota for all other schools
Free N/A
Individual Applicants - HKSPA individual member HK$40 HK$40
Individual Applicants - Non-member HK$50 N/A

^School quota: Schools with at least 3 players can sign up via “school application”. Each HKSPA School Member has 8 free quotas. All other schools in Hong Kong have 5 free quotas. (It is free to join HKSPA School Membership)

Schools should inform us whom the school quota will go to when they apply for the tournament. Schools with less than 3 players are not eligible for school application and players from the school should make individual application. Also, students of the school will be regarded as individual applicant if the number of players from their school appeared on the spot (before the first round begins) falls below 3 even if the school concerned register via school application. Players not enrolled using school quota are subject to individual application entry fee.

How to enter:
Please complete an online application on or before 12 September 2019 (Thursday).

For side tournament, please enroll on this page with your HKSPA member account.

There will be a limit on the number of players who can participate in the event. Normally, application is accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. The tournament organiser reserves the right to refuse entry when deemed necessary.

Change of players: (Not applicable to Side Tournament and Individual Applications)

  • Changing players on or before the 12 September 2019: Teachers and coaches may change their team formation on the HKSPA Tournament Enrolment System by themselves. You may edit your form by either: (1) Type in your reference code in this page, or (2) Login with your HKSPA school account and go to “My Applications”.
  • Changing players after 12 September 2019: If necessary, players may send their request to info@hkscrabble.org. All accepted changes are subject to HK$50 administrative charge per name changed. Applications without proper justifications will normally not be entertained.

Verification Policy:
As we need to confirm your name, your age (for the Individual Youth Awards) and your school (for school prizes), you are required to observe the following verification policy.

For individual application:
You MUST bring your HKID card to the venue for verification purposes. Players who forgot to do so could show us a photo of the HKID card for verification with an administrative fee of HK$50.

For school application:
Students MUST bring their student card AND HKID card to the venue. Players who forgot to do so could show us a photo of the student card and/or HKID card for verification with an administrative fee of HK$50. If you failed to show us your student card but can show us your HKID card, you have to pay the individual application price (HK$40/HK$50) and may not be allowed to compete for school prizes.

You may bring your birth certificate in lieu of an HKID card if you do not have an HKID card. You may also use your student handbook in lieu of your student card if your school does not issue student card.

We will check your documents in the registration counter. If you cannot show us the document before the first game begins, you will NOT be allowed to play even if you know the committee members personally. All documents will be returned to you immediately after inspection.

Acknowledgement: The venue for the tournament is kindly sponsored by Methodist School.