Guidelines on issuance of certification letters

HKSPA can, upon request, issue certificates or certification letters to certify the followings:

  • Participation in a tournament organised by HKSPA
  • Results in an HKSPA-rated tournament,
  • Awards awarded by the HKSPA,
  • HKSPA Ratings for an individual players as on a date, and
  • Other certification documents as deemed appropriate by the Association

Except certificates pertaining to the tournament itself which can be collected on the date of the tournament free of charge, all other documents will only be posted to a local address specified by the player concerned. The Association will charge HK$20 to cover the handling fee and the postage per documents issued, except Certification of Participation requested during the registration of the tournament and collected on the date of the tournament.

Players who request the document must identify himself/herself to the Association before he/she make the request. He/she should either:

  • Send us a copy of his/her identification document with the request, or
  • Use the same email address as he/she registered for our membership (if any) or the tournament (if supplied).

The Association will only issue the document after confirming the identity and the prescribed fee has been paid to the authorized representative of the Association.

The fee is waived for the members of the current and former Main Committee and Student Committee of HKSPA if delivery can be arranged without postage.

Please send your request to