Hong Kong Online Scrabble Tournament - Knockout


These games are not HKSPA-rated nor recognised. They should be conducted on a friendly-basis. Players are advised not to seek external assistance in completing the games. HKSPA has the right to intervene if any games are not conducted fairly in an acceptable manner. If a player thinks that, in any particular game, his or her opponent might be seeking excessive external assistance in completing the games such that the game is not conducted fairly in all circumstances, he or she may report the game to HKSPA at info@hkscrabble.org.

Missing the face-to-face Scrabble experience these days? HKSPA will be organising the Hong Kong Online Scrabble Tournament to encourage Scrabble players to play Scrabble online!


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Knockout Details

Date: From February 2020 onwards (until the end of all rounds)

Time: Anytime agreed by both players but before the deadline announced by the organiser.

Venue: Online - Internet Scrabble Club (ISC)

Eligibility: Open to players who:

  • Have a registered account on the ISC (It is free to create an account)
  • All local players (i.e. players eligible for Hong Kong Representation Status), or oversea players who have played at least 1 HKSPA-rated game(s).

Format: This is a elimination tournament.

Players will be divided into groups according to their HKSPA rating from highest to lowest. Winners of a particular round can advance into the next round. Players will play a best of 3 series.

The game should be set to SOWPODS dictionary, SINGLE challenge, 25 minutes initial time on the ISC interface.

Prize: A e-Certificate of Award will be issued to the winner. A e-Certificate of Participation will be issued to all participants as well. Printed certificate can be issued with a fee as per our policy on Issuance of Certificate

Entry fee: Free of charge

How to enter: Please enroll here. The deadline is 7 February 2020. The enrollment is now closed.


If you are interested in observing or examining any games, please contact the players concerned directly.