WESPA Championship 2017 Hong Kong Qualification System

Phase 3 Qualification

Edwin CHAN has expressed his interest in representing Hong Kong in Phase 2, and was reserved a place for the WESPA Championship.

It was decided by the Main Committee that expression of interest is open to all HKSPA members. Any interests received will be reviewed at the end of each month. Should only 1 interest is received, the expressor should be allowed to represent Hong Kong. Should more than 1 interest is received, official HKSPA Ratings (do not include provisional ones) should be used to determine who the spot goes to. A player with an official rating precedes one with a provisional rating only. All expressions of interests are only valid if they are received from members. Non-members need to become members before expressing their interests.

Expression of interest should be sent to chris.lau@hkscrabble.org AND info@hkscrabble.org.

Please contact Chris LAU Kwun Shing, the WESPA Liaison Officer, at chris.lau@hkscrabble.org if you have any questions.

Phase 2 Qualification (lapsed)

As no interest to represent Hong Kong in the WESPA Championship 2017 was received by 1 May 2017, it was decided in the 3rd Main Committee Meeting that the Association should invite eligible players according to the HKSPA Rankings as on 19 June 2017.

A higher ranked player in the HKSPA Rankings as on 19 June 2017 has priority over a lower ranked player in joining the team.

The order of precedence for invited players is: Carson IP, Felix KWOK, Euclid HUI, Jason TSANG Wai Yin, Kelvin LAM, HO Chun Hung, Calvin MA, Boris CHUNG, Paul CHRISTENSEN = Brian PO, Michael EDESESS, Douglas TSANG, Kevin McCARDLE, Wesley CHOY Wing Chi, Edwin CHAN, Linda DAY, TAM Pok Hin, Kiki CHUNG Wing Sze, Amelia TSE, Matthew HONG, LAU Kwun Shing, WONG Shu Ting, Hugh TYRWHITT-DRAKE, NG Ka Wing, TING Tsz Hin, CHAN Long Kei, YIP Tsz Hin, TAI Yat Yin, NGAN Fu Ting, HO Cheuk Yiu, LIM Chi Sang, TSANG Pak Shing, FUNG Tsz Hin, Kelvin NG Man Ho, YU Sin Yi = LAU Wai Keung, HEUNG Tsz Fung, LEUNG Chun Hei, NG Cheuk Wing, Sophie YAU, FUNG Pak Man, and James NG Tsz Kit.

Phase 1 Qualification (lapsed)

The second edition of the WESPA Championship (WESPAC) will be held from 8th to 11th November 2017 in Nairobi, Kenya. There is a quota of two players representing Hong Kong, which the Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association (HKSPA) is responsible for.

Players who are eligible to represent Hong Kong in the Championship are defined in the Hong Kong Player Statuses Regulation (http://hkscrabble.org/content/uploads/2016/05/Hong-Kong-Player-Statuses-Regulation.pdf) of the Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association. Eligible players interested to represent Hong Kong should express their interest via the online form (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScv6W5k3KueTtGKjMmVypmLoNi6mAHih7AW4nQ9A4mQF3-UOA/viewform?hl=en) on or before 1st May 2017.

Please visit http://wespac2017nairobi.com/ for more information about the WESPA Championship 2017 and the side youth and open tournaments.

Membership of 2016-2017 Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAMKvi5V70XqXmQSl-BmmTy0xmZWSIY3RB9kvQiJzKF2OITA/viewform

Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact Chris Lau, the WESPA Liaison Officer, at chris.lau@hkscrabble.org.