Policy on No-show in tournaments

  1. “No-show” refers to cases that
    a. the player results in “Compulsory Forfeiture due to Lateness” as defined in WESPA Rules 2.3.5 in the first round of the tournament, or the first round of a day in a tournament, and
    b. the tournament director or organisers are not informed about the situation at least one-day in advance (i.e. 23:59 on the day before the tournament)

  2. Players who have officially withdrawn from the tournament are not treated as no-show players. To withdraw, they must:
    a. Click on the “Do not join” button, or similar button, on the online enrollment system (e.g. meetup.com), or
    b. Contact the organiser directly, or
    c. Inform the Association by email.

  3. Players who have any special circumstances making them unable to officially withdraw in advance and absent from the tournament must contact the organisers as soon as possible to inform the situation. Generally, sickness shall be accepted as a reasonable circumstances.

  4. Tournament Directors (TDs) and organisers may report to the Association that a player no-show without proper reasons. TDs and organisers are not mandatory to report the cases, and the absence will only be officially recorded if the Association receive reports from TDs and organisers.

  5. The Tournaments and Ratings Officer will maintain a record of no-show without proper reasons, as reported by TDs and organisers.

  6. Penalties for no-show are as follows:
    a. For first-time no-show: The player will receive an email, telling him/her that he/she casued unnecessary works to the organisers, and the consequences of another no-show
    b. For the second time: The player will be on “Alert List” for one month. TDs and organisers reserve rights not to accept their application for tournament that will be held during the period that he/she is on the list.
    c. The no-show number will be reset after a player is listed on the “Alert List” for a month.

  7. For the avoidance of doubt, the Association agrees that tournaments that disallow players to enroll due to a player is on “Alert List” is reasonable.

  8. The policy applies to all HKSPA-rated and HKSPA-recognized tournaments.