Hong Kong Scrabble Challenge 2024

UPDATE: The enrollment deadline has been extended to 26 July 2024. Grab the chance to sign up now!

The Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association is organising the Hong Kong Scrabble Challenge 2024, an open Scrabble tournament for all local and overseas players.

We will be having a single division Challenge this year. It will be a two-day WESPA-rated event featuring 15 games.


Date: 3 to 4 August 2024 (Saturday and Sunday)

Time: 09:30 - 18:30 (Registration starts at 09:00)

Venue: 5/F, Spark City Cheung Sha Wan, 124-126 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon

Format: 15 games
Game 1 to 3: Init Fontes*
Game 4 to 13: Australian Swiss Draw (sometimes lagged). There will be a reset in the number of repeat after Round 5 and 10
Game 14 to 15: King-of-the-Hill (KOTH)

*Init Fontes: Players will be categorized into 4 groups by their HKSPA ratings immediately prior to the tournament. Sub-divisions will be formed by selecting one player from each group to form a sub-division of 4 players. These 4 players will play a single Round Robin. If the total number of players is not divisible by 4 (due to players’ absence), there will be a group containing all the remaining players. They will play partial round robin and opponents / bye will be arranged by random. Players without HKSPA ratings will be allocated to a group with reference to their WESPA ratings.  

Each players has 25 minutes to play each round. 5 points unsubstantiated challenge penalty, latest version of the Collins Official Scrabble Words and WESPA rules applicable to all divisions. Gibsonisation rules apply where appropriate. There will be a spread cap of 300 points per game. These are subject to changes at the discretion of the organiser.

For Hong Kong players - HKSPA members with ratings (provision or not) 800 or above
For oversea players - Have a WESPA ratings

Ineligible players who could demonstrate their competence in playing intensive competitive Scrabble may write to info@hkscrabble.org stating their experiences in Scrabble. Entries will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


  • Champion – Trophy
  • 1st Runner-up – Medal
  • 2nd Runner-up – Medal
  • 3rd Runner-up – Medal
  • Individual Youth Awards:
    Best Under-18 Player (born on or after 1/1/2006) – medal
    Best Under-16 Player (born on or after 1/1/2008) – medal
    Best Under-14 Player (born on or after 1/1/2010) – medal
    Best Under-12 Player (born on or after 1/1/2012) – medal
    (Applicable if a particular age group has at least two players)
  • Best Player from a School – medal
    (Applicable for school with at least three players)
  • Team Unity Award#

# For the "Team Unity Award", players will be divided into several groups according to their HKSPA ratings immediately before the tournament. For overseas players, they will be arranged into groups at the organiser's discretion. Each player may then choose their own team of players: one player from each of the other groups, plus themselves. At the end of the tournament, team scores will be computed, combining the individual results of each team's members. The player whose team scores the highest will be the prize winner. The "individual results" refer to the combination of number of wins and cumulative spread.

Entry fees: To cover the cost of running the tournament, including the WESPA Ratings Levy and venue rental, HKSPA will collect entry fees from Hong Kong residents joining this tournament.

  • Full-time primary and secondary students: $160
  • Other Hong Kong residents: $200

Players are required to pay an additional HK$50 deposit together with their entry fees. The deposit will be refunded to the players on the second tournament day in cash. The entry fee does not include lunch.

Entry fees must be paid in advance together with the HK$50 deposit by any of the following methods:

  • ATM Transfer (HSBC/Hang Seng Bank)
  • FPS (from any supported banks or stored value facilities)
  • Cash or cheque deposit using Cash/Cheque Deposit Machine/Smart Teller

Student players are encouraged to seek assistance from their parents, teachers or coaches in paying the entry fees if they do not have a bank account as no payments will be accepted on the spot.

Given the considerable travelling expenses the overseas players bear, they could enter the event for free.

HKSPA Membership: Hong Kong residents playing in the event must hold an active HKSPA individual membership on the date of the event. Players who are not HKSPA members should join HKSPA membership on or before the deadline of enrollment and pay the membership fee together with their entry fee.

HKSPA will be offering the following special membership rates for non-current members:

  • Full members: HK$220 for membership till 31 August 2025
  • Student members: HK$90 for membership till 31 August 2025

Certificate charges: Certificates of Participation will only be given to participants on request. The certificates will be available to participants free of charge if the request is made during the online application. The request of Certificates of Participation and Certificates of Awards after the tournament will be subject to the Association's prevailing charges, i.e. HK$20 per certificate.

Enrollment: To enroll, please press here. Please enroll by 26 July 2024. Entries are generally accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. There will be an overall quota due to the capacity of the venue. The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry.

Equipment: Players are encouraged to bring their own rotating boards and tiles for use during the tournament. Please let us know by email (info@hkscrabble.org) or contact any committee members if you are going to bring your own equipment to the venue.

Late enrollment: Applications after the deadline will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. A late charge of $20 should apply in addition to the original entry fee. Late entrants are not allowed to compete in any school award.

Verification policy: Players are required to bring their HKID Card (for local players - birth certificate if they do not have an HKID Card) or Passport (for overseas players) for verification purposes. Students should also bring their Student ID Card (student handbook if they do not have a Student ID Card). Players who fail to bring the required documents may not be allowed to play / being charged HK$50 administrative fee payable on the spot by cash only.