Qualified by Peak Ratings

Players qualified by peak ratings from 1 March 2019 to 31 March 2021, ordered by Peak Ratings, are:

Rank # Name Peak Rating Status
1 Carson IP 2341 Accepted
2 Brian PO 2328 Declined
3 Euclid HUI 2233 Accepted
4 Felix KWOK 2218 Declined
5 Thomson LAW Long Yin 2157 Accepted
6 Boris CHUNG 2072 Accepted
7 Calvin MA 2048 Declined
8 TAM Pok Hin 1964 No reply (Forfeited)
9 Kevin McCARDLE 1939 Declined

Four players have accepted the invitation.

Qualified by playing in Easter Scrabble Challenge

Top players in the Easter Scrabble Challenge are:

Rank # Name Status
1 Ian TSOI Yin Declined
2 Julian WONG Tsz Yu Accepted
3 Douglas TSANG Accepted
4 Rex CHAN Hiu Cheung No reply (Forfeited)
5 Adem NG Accepted
6 Matthew LAM Pui Wai

Qualify by playing in specified face-to-face tournaments

Top players in the first qualifier are:

Rank # Name Status
1 Julian WONG Tsz Yu Qualified via Easter Scrabble Challenge
2 Ernest SO Yat Long
3 Edwin CHAN