East Asian Scrabble Championship 2023

With the relaxation of cross-border travel restrictions around the world, we are bringing international Scrabble experiences back!

Japan Scrabble Players Association (JASPA) and Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association (HKSPA) are pleased to announce the fourth East Asian Scrabble Championship (EASC).

It is the WESPA-rated team challenge event between Japan and Hong Kong. Both sides have formed teams of five to compete on 27-28 May 2023 at the Chuo Ward Cultural Center, Kobe City.

Date and time:
27 May 2023 - 13:00 to 18:30
28 May 2023 - 09:30 to 16:50

Venue: Clothing Room, Chuo Ward Cultural Center, 115 Higashimachi, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Eligibility: Players from Hong Kong and Japan selected by their national associations, 5 players per team.

Format: Each players will play the players from the opponent team twice. The latest version of the WESPA Rules and Collins Scrabble Words apply to this tournament.

Challenge penalty: 5 points per word in an unsuccessful challenge.

Entry fee: There is no entry fee for the tournament.

Ratings: This tournament is HKSPA-rated and WESPA-rated.


Hong Kong players

To qualify for Team Hong Kong for the EASC 2023, one must be an HKSPA member and have Hong Kong representation status under the Hong Kong Player Statuses Regulation. The deadline for players to express interest was 28 February 2023.

At the closure of expression of interest period, the following players have expressed their interest:

  1. Thomson Law Long Yin
  2. Ernest So Yat Long
  3. Edwin Chan
  4. Douglas Tsang
  5. Lau Kwun Shing
  6. Kingsly Kang
  7. Leung Hoi Yi

As there are more than 5 players who are interested in representing Hong Kong in the EASC, the Association will organise a Qualifier. Details are as follow:

Date: 12 March 2023
Time: From 10:30 onwards until all games are finished (around 5-7 pm)
Venue: Yuen Long (detailed address will be communicated with the participants by email)
Entry fee: Free of charge
Dictionary: Collins Official Scrabble Words 2021 (CSW21)
Challenge rules: 5 points unsubstantiated challenge penalty
Format: Single Round Robin.

Each player has 25 minutes to play each round. WESPA rules version 4 apply to this Qualifier. The Qualifier is HKSPA-rated.

The following five players are qualified to represent Hong Kong in the EASC:

  1. Thomson Law Long Yin
  2. Ernest So Yat Long
  3. Edwin Chan
  4. Douglas Tsang
  5. Kingsly Kang

Detailed results are available here.

Japan players

The following five players are qualified to represent Japan in the EASC:

  1. Keiichiro Hirai
  2. Kunihiko Kuroda
  3. Warodom Geamsakul
  4. Jendell Kirong
  5. Isao Takemura


All queries could be directed to the HKSPA at info@hkscrabble.org or JASPA at jaspa@gyosei.holy.jp.