Horace Wai Hoi Ching

Horace WAI Hoi Ching is the current Tournaments and Ratings Officer of the Hong Kong Scrabble Players Association. He has been playing Scrabble since 2011. He is the developer of the HKSPA Players Database. He is also the editor of Volume 8 of Scrabulary, the newsletter of HKSPA. He is currently a second-year student in the City University of Hong Kong.

Current Commitments in HKSPA

  • Tournaments and Ratings Officer, Main Committee (August 2017 - )
  • Financial Secretary, Student Committee (September 2017 - )
  • Web Officer (September 2017 - )

Previous Commitments in HKSPA

  • Assistant Coordinator, Hong Kong Scrabble Team 2017 (August 2017 - November 2017)
  • Publications Secretary, Student Committee (September 2016 - August 2017)

Directed Local Tournaments

  • Inter-School Scrabble Championship 2018
  • Hong Kong Youth Scrabble Champions Tournament 2017

Contact: horace.wai@hkscrabble.org